Special Rebates on Canon Pro 9000 Mk II and Pro 9500 Mk II (In-store and phone sales only)

Ready for a great deal? Through March 31st, we've got an awesome exclusive rebate and lower price on Canon professional printers. Purchases must made through our phone sales department or in store where you'll receive an unbelievable price.

To get these phenomenal deals, please call 877-849-7248.

- Purchase a Canon Pro9000 Mk II and score a $100 American Express Reward Card.

- Purchase a Canon Pro9000 Mk II with a Canon 5D Mk II, 7D, T1i, T2i, or 60D and score a $400 American Express Rewards Cards.

- Purchase a Canon Pro9500 Mk II and score a $200 American Express Reward Card.

- Purchase the Canon Pro9500 Mk II with a Canon 5D Mk II, 7D, T1i, T2i, or 60D and receive a $500 American Express Reward card.

You can download PDF files detailing the rebates for the Pro9000 Mk II here and for the Pro9500 Mk II here.


Meet B&H: The Film Counter

For those of you that have never visited the B&H SuperStore, you're in luck. Each week we'll feature photos of a different department or section in order for you to get to know us a bit better. This week, we are showing off the Film Counter located on the first floor. We sell many different types of film for different purposes, formats, etc. The film counter has shrunk over the years with the rise of digital photography; but we probably still sell as much film as any other store out there.

A Quick Demo of Eye Fi Direct

The other day, Ziv Gillat, the creator of the Eye-Fi card, stopped by the B&H Executive Offices to give us a demo of the new Eye-Fi direct feature that allows users to shoot images on their camera and upload them straight to their phone. Take a look at the video after the jump and please share your thoughts with us on what you think of being able to potentially leave your USB cable.

How To Tell a Story Through Photos

 Digging out Sharon AlleyFor years, photos have been used to tell stories in photojournalism and documentary-type photography. Newspaper and magazine editors have sometimes told their staff that they can only accept one image for a story. So there has to be one image that gets it all right. Here are a few different and important features that every photo essay should have.

Photo by Alli77. Please note that all photos in this blog post are entries in the B&H Photo Flickr Group Cold contest.

A Chat with John Maloof: Curator of Vivian Maier's Street Photography

We recently had the pleasure of talking to John Maloof, the young man who stumbled upon the work of perhaps one of the greatest unknown street photographers of the 1950's. Maloof answered questions about Vivian Maier, the great responsibility he just inherited, and more.

All photos in this posting were used with permission from John Maloof.

How to Capture Better New Year's Eve Photos

New Year's Eve is coming, and everyone will be out and about, celebrating! Now that you've just received new photo gear for the holidays, it's time to put it to good use. Here are some tips on how to shoot better photos of your New Year's Eve party.

Photo by Christopher Chan

Common Mistakes Every Photographer Makes

You're guilty!—well, kind of. All photographers occasionally forget critical factors while shooting, and make mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes that most photographers are guilty of making, and how to learn from them.

Image by bgandy

What Would You Shoot on the Last Roll of Kodachrome?

Steve McCurry was given the task of shooting the last roll of Kodachrome. But what if it were you? What would you shoot with one of the dying legends of photography? Think carefully, because the anticipation of not knowing if you nailed the shot perfectly would be very intense. If you didn't get every exposure perfectly, you might be letting down your predecessors, and many others.

Let us know in the comments below what you would shoot.

"The Photographer" Amongst Friends and Family

Most people that know me personally tend to associate me with cameras and photography. Like many of you, there are times that I want to put my cameras down and enjoy life's pleasures. Friends and family always tell me to bring the girls (my cameras are named Dahlia and Evelyn). It can get frustrating, but I've learned how to deal with the demands, and make people realize that there's a human being behind the viewfinder.

Not Your Everyday Holiday Photos

The holidays are coming up! We've got some great holiday offers available right now, but you'll need to find a way to make the most of that new purchase. If you'd like to take better holiday photos, then here are some great tips from Olympus Visionary Jay Kinghorn.


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