5 Hiking Tips for Photographers

Photography and hiking have gone together for years and years. Whether you’re planning a day hike with friends or a 7-day solo trek, here are 5 tips to carry you through your journey. May your photos be second only to your adventures!

Eat First. Shoot Later.

Help fight obesity in America by putting down that camera, please!

When the three scientists largely responsible for inventing digital photography and fiber optic transmission received the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physics, they might have considered the mess they’ve created on photo-sharing sites and in recipients' email boxes. I speak of the scourge of food photos. It seems like every other photo I’m emailed are close-ups of what people consumed during their vacations.

The Latest & Greatest at B&H

Maybe you’ve seen these words floating around the B&H website recently: “The latest & greatest at B&H” . When it comes to camcorders this tab with the word “NEW!” highlighted by an eye-catching red circle lives on the right hand side of the page. Perhaps already set on drooling over the pro cams or perusing the consumer camcorders you passed it by. Whatever the case may be I thought I’d highlight this NEW! addition to our website.


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