Pre-Shooting Rituals: Tips on How to Prep for Shooting

One eye in the viewfinder, one hand cupping the lens, breathe in and at the top of the breath release the shutter. It's a mantra that was taught to me when I first started shooting. Before getting to that point, there needed to be preparation done beforehand. These pre-shooting rituals are performed by many photographers that need to either get a serious shoot done, or just want to improve themselves. Here are a couple of rituals to experiment with before you release the shutter.

What is the Oldest Lens You Still Have in Your Kit?

Remember the very first bread-and-butter lens that you bought or received? Joining it to your camera, and seeing some of the first photos from that union, most likely made your eyes light up with joy. Remember when you took it out of the box for the first time, and realized that you and that lens just bonded? Perhaps you loved the feel of it in your hands, or how the different rings on it turned. That's also probably the moment that you told yourself, "I really got my money's worth." Tell us about your baby in the comments below, and visit our used store to see if it's still available.

Why I Love the 50mm

For years, many photographers shot with almost exclusively with their trusty 50mm. The reason for this is the image quality combined with overall versatility of this focal length. It is often said that the 50mm perspective on 35mm film/digital closely mimics what the human eye sees.

Seven Beginner's Tips to Photographing Your Pet

Humans and their pets share an unbreakable bond that is forever captured and remembered in the photos we take of them. Capturing compelling portraits of your pets is fairly simple but takes quite a bit of practice and attention to details. Here are a couple of quick pointers to start you off.

How To Shoot In Large Cities

Big cities are a photographer's playground—with so many interesting sights and gorgeous views to photograph, one almost never knows where to start. Making your photos stand out can be difficult. If you'd like a head start, take a look at this posting on how shoot big cities.

Recommended Gear for Concert Photography

Aerosmith Guitar Hero

Want to turn your passion for music into chances at getting some cash? Besides knowledge of composition, aperture, exposure and ISOs, you'll have an easier time scoring that wonderful shot if you've acquired the right gear. Here's a listing of cameras and lenses that you may want to get your hands on.

New Toys, Old Strategies

Like most photographers, I have a love-hate relationship with the tools I use. I am as captivated as the next photographer by the promise of the newest cameras, yet I am loath to give up old strategies that have served me so well. As a photographer, I depend on my cameras to make the pictures I want to make. As a professional, I depend on that same gear to earn my living.

5 Hiking Tips for Photographers

Photography and hiking have gone together for years and years. Whether you’re planning a day hike with friends or a 7-day solo trek, here are 5 tips to carry you through your journey. May your photos be second only to your adventures!


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