The Ceremony

People, Get Ready! Pre-Ceremony Photos

Making pictures of the bride as she prepares for the wedding requires spontaneity while catching the decisive moment with a tactful attitude. A wedding day generates tensions on all sides—and as a neutral third party you should be an understanding, positive force for the duration.

Capturing the Main Event

You’re about to enter the arena: the wedding ceremony. Everyone is properly dressed, coiffed and mentally prepared (keep your fingers crossed). The coming aftermath of dining, dancing and escape to blissful marriage shimmers in the hazy future. This Is It. Just be certain that you’re ready. Have a plan, and follow it.

Wedding Photography Tips: Lighting Group Shots Outdoors

Joey Quintero provides solutions to avoiding “raccoon eyes” and squinting guests in this two-minute video about shooting wedding groups outdoors. He identifies the problems and provides convenient and safe solutions for adding that extra bit of lighting when the on-camera flash won’t cut it.

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