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Xtreme Recording with the JVC ADIXXION Action Camcorder

JVC has recently announced a new action camera, the GC-XA1 ADIXXION, which is designed specifically to go wherever you want to go while you do whatever you want to do. This small camcorder is ruggedly designed.

Hands-On Review: Waterproof Handheld Camcorders

If you and your family or friends are headed to the beach, pool or lake this summer, then you owe it to yourself to check out this video roundup of waterproof camcorders. 

Sony Handycam Roundup

This video introduces the Sony HDR-PJ710V, HDR-PJ760V, HDR-CX760V and HDR-TD20V Full HD Camcorders. With features that include a projector, tons of solid-state storage and/or dual lenses for 3D HD video capture, one of these models is sure to have the extras you’ve been looking for in a consumer HD camcorder.

New Sony HDR-GW77V Handycam Loves Adventure

Summer’s just about here, and you’ll soon be ramping up your travel and outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a camcorder or still camera that’s easy to travel with, and one that doesn’t mind going wherever you do, consider Sony’s new HDR-GW77V Handycam.

Liquid Image Video Goggles Are Ready When You Are

Anyone looking for a camera that can keep up with skiing, snowboarding, dirt biking, mountain biking or diving should check out the Liquid Image goggles with integrated 1080p HD video camera. 

Hands-On Review: Samsung HMX-QF20 HD Flash Camcorder with Wi-Fi

The Samsung HMX-QF20 HD Flash Camcorder allows you to record 1080i and 720p movies in a highly simple and intuitive manner. This camcorder features a minimal design with an efficient user interface.  

Which 3D Camcorder is Right for You?

Within the last couple years, top camera manufacturers like Sony, JVC and Panasonic have introduced consumer-friendly 3D camcorders that built on the advances already achieved in consumer-based compact HD camcorders. 

Camcorder Gifts for Mother’s Day

There are obvious reasons to choose a dedicated camcorder as a gift for Mother’s Day. For starters, it won’t ring in the middle of video recording. Next, the better camcorders contain an optical zoom lens that doesn’t degrade the picture resolution during close-ups.

JVC’s Wi-Fi-Savvy Camcorders Let You Watch Live from a Smartphone or Tablet

In 2012, it’s not enough to shoot high-def video through an optical zoom lens for viewing later on a TV or computer. Wi-Fi-enabled families want to be able to monitor the video live on their smartphones and tablets or transfer clips directly from the camcorder to the Internet.

Sony HDR-PJ580V HD Handycam Camcorder with Projector

The Sony HDR-PJ580V is absolutely feature-packed for a camcorder at this level, and one of the most “illuminating” functions of the camera is its very own built-in projector, located on the back of the flip-out LCD screen.


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