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New Canon VIXIA Connected Camcorders

Capitalizing on home video trends of 2012—local network and Internet connectivity, high-definition recording and solid-state storage—Canon is introducing six easy-to-use VIXIA camcorders. All accept the high-capacity SDXC card, as well as SD and SDHC memory cards; and four of the models contain internal flash memory, too.

Camcorder Roundup

Consumers have more choices in camcorders than ever before, and some of them seem downright professional with features sets that are packed to the rafters. Canon’s VIXIA HF G10 Flash Memory Camcorder shoots 1920 x 1080 high definition video, and you can choose frame rates of 60i, 30p or 24p for a cinematic look and feel.

Sports Action Cam Roundup

Sports-action cameras are hugely popular, as they allow professional and amateur athletes to capture their activities in high-resolution stills and high-definition video. Friends and family can’t deny your fanciful claims when you have stills and video to back them up.

New GoPro HD HERO2 is Ready to Go

A sports-action cam is useless if it’s not as hearty as you are. In order to capture breathtaking footage in any environment, you need a camera that’s up to the task of going wherever you go, regardless of whether it’s a cold summit, a hot, dusty desert, raging river rapids or underwater. And, you need a camera that can shoot high-definition video and still images.

New Kodak Playfull Fears No Water

Big feature-filled video cameras with fancy lenses are great, especially for professionals who need to capture broadcast-quality video. But let’s face it: most of us don’t want to carry around anything that’s too big or heavy, especially if you’re the active, sporting type.

New JVC GC-PX10 Shoots Video for Stills

It’s easy to miss a shot, even for professionals. It’s a common occurrence to have camera in hand, finger on the shutter release, waiting for the right moment to trigger. You might be waiting for a slugger to swing his bat or for a race car driver to pass before you.

ContourROAM Hands-Free HD Camcorder Keeps Things Simple

Imagine you’re a skateboarder, about to attempt a dangerous new trick: the triple reverse floatie. Your friends are gathered near the jumping point, but an errant a cloud of bees causes them to scatter. Regardless, you make the attempt and complete the stunt, only to skid on a jellybean, fall down and fracture your coccyx.

Toshiba Presents Two New Camileo Camcorders

Pocket-size camcorders are still quite popular, and Toshiba recently announced two new models, the Camileo B10 and the Camileo P100. They’re both quite small, but with different styles to meet personal preferences.

Panasonic's New Pocket-Sized Camcorders

Panasonic has introduced a slew of new pocket-size camcorders. The format seems to have taken hold and is getting to be more popular, not less. One has to wonder why the Flip was discontinued, but at least vendors such as Panasonic can continue to fill this niche market with these small, fun camcorders.

Contour+ Helmet Cam: Rough and Ready for Capturing Your X-treme Sports Action

Just in time for summer, Contour Inc. has raised the bar for helmet/action cams with its announcement of the Contour+, an HD helmet cam that combines some of the features of its ContourHD and Contour GPS helmet cams in a spiffy new unit. 


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