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ASUS Offers an All-in-One that May Be the One for All

Ever since Apple and the iMac, PC users have envied the slim, sleek all-in-one concept. But that green-eyed monster no longer has to rear its ugly head—all-in-one computers have made their debut, with Windows-based systems emerging last year to great success.

Will the New Mac Pro Change Desktop Computing, Forever?

On October 22, Apple announced the newest version of the signature desktop computer, the Mac Pro. Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting an update to the Mac Pro, and were vocally disappointed when Apple announced new Retina screens for other members of their lineup last year, but nothing on the Mac Pro. Apple kept silent even amidst the criticism, and last June started leaking details.

Apple Announces Updates to Mac Pro and MacBook Air; Introduces Mac OS X Mavericks & iOS 7

Apple kicked off their Worldwide Developers Conference today with several major announcements. They introduced several hardware updates, particularly to the MacBook Air and Mac Pro lines, as well as updates to their two popular operating platforms, Mac OS X and iOS. Read on to find out exactly what went down.

Computex 2013 Honorable Mentions

The highly successful Computex 2013 show in Taipei wrapped up its week-long showcase of new and upcoming laptops and tablets, and we have brought some of the highlights to you. We wanted to mention a few items that we didn’t get to talk about since, which were showcased at the event.

Hands-On Review: ASUS Transformer All-in-One Desktop Computer/Remote PC/Tablet

This video review of the ASUS Transformer P1801 18.4" All-in-One Desktop Computer showcases the new and unique transformation of this computer from All-in-One desktop to Windows 8 remote PC to Android tablet.

Which ASUS Monitor is Right for You?

So, you’ve finally bought or built the desktop computer tower you’ve wanted. It’s got the processor with the speed you need, the graphics card that cost you a pretty penny, a large amount of RAM and hard drive storage space as well all the ports you need. Unfortunately, you’re not done yet.

Hands-On Review: ASUS ET2300

The ASUS ET2300INTI 23” All-in-One Desktop Computer fully embraces the Windows 8 operating system by integrated multi-touch gestures with keyboard and mouse navigation with its 23” capacitive touch screen, capable of 10-point touch support. 10-point touch support means you can utilize the multi-touch gestures using all of your fingers.

Holiday 2012: Sony VAIO Tap 20 Mobile All-in-One Desktop Computer

It appears that not even all-in-one (AIO) desktop computers are immune to the “tablet craze” taking over the computing industry. It’s no secret that tablets have grown in popularity, primarily for their ease of use and portability, but their influence has leaked over to other devices.

Holiday 2012: Game On!

I know you’re probably out there right now looking to purchase me your usual assortment of socks and sweaters as holiday gifts, but I was hoping this year to leave this letter on the kitchen counter and have you read this before you went shopping.

Holiday 2012: Windows 8 Tablets, Computers and Accessories

In October of 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8, their latest operating system. Banking on a new touch-based, user-friendly interface, Windows 8 is vastly different from its Windows 7 predecessor. The first thing you’ll notice is that the traditional Start menu that Microsoft has had for the longest time was replaced with a new Start screen using “live tiles.”


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