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Bob Straus speaks at the B&H Event Space on how digital photography has transformed picture-taking since the days of film. He will discuss the digital shift in mindset by many former film shooters and the great reliance on digital photographic equipment by "digital age" photographers who have never learned the basics of photography or have gotten away from these fundamentals in favor of camera technology and computer post production.

2 years ago
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For many years, we've been told that color casts—those shifts in color towards blue or yellow—are a bad thing and should be corrected at all costs. In the film days we used color-correction (CC) filters to battle them and, in the digital age, most choose to set their cameras to auto-white-balance (AWB), in effect telling the camera to detect and neutralize color casts automatically. After all, neutral whites and lack of color casts are desirable and natural, right? Wrong!

by Guy Tal |
3 years ago

The movement from 35mm to digital sensors in compact cameras has done more than simply make it possible to instantly review and share your photos. It’s also changed the way cameras are designed. Because the sensors used in today’s compact cameras are much smaller than a frame of film, lenses can also be much smaller and cover longer zoom ranges than ever were possible with film.

4 years ago
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