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The New Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Hands-On Review

Røde is the undisputed leader in on-camera microphone technology, and its new Stereo VideoMic Pro is the most lightweight, compact and superior sounding camera-mountable stereo microphone the company has ever built.

The New Tascam DR-100mkII: Markedly Better

The original Tascam DR-100 stood out from the pack for being an extremely well equipped, compact portable digital recorder laden with useful features, like its dual XLR inputs and thumb-friendly level-adjustment dials. Even though it was a popular and well-regarded model, Tascam decided to push things further.

The New XLR-Equipped Olympus LS-100 Portable Recorder

Portable digital recorders that feature dual XLR inputs are popular among musicians and audio engineers and they’re also the tool of choice for recording the sound for video productions. Until recently, there were only a few handheld digital recorders with XLR inputs available, but the announcement of the Olympus LS-100 adds an attractive new option to the menu.

Hands-On Review of the New Shure VP82 and VP89 Shotgun Mics

It’s common to see equipment made by Shure being used on professional television and film shoots. Even though this company’s presence in the “audio for video” market never faded, recent announcements have given a new energy to Shure’s line of ENG and EFP gear. 

Holiday 2012: Portable Digital Recorder Roundup

What does a portable digital recorder have in common with a farm-fresh egg? You can use an egg to glaze an apple pie, cook a Denver omelet or to make fresh gnocchi. Likewise, you can use a portable digital recorder to capture live music, record the sound in a video shoot or to create a podcast in the field.

Holiday 2012: Portable Digital Recorders

A portable digital recorder is a compact, battery-powered device that’s capable of creating high-resolution digital audio recordings. Most portable digital recorders feature built-in microphones, but some only have inputs for connecting external audio signals.

Tascam DR-40: A Budget-Friendly, XLR-Equipped Portable Recorder

There are lots of compact portable digital recorders on the market today that are popular among musicians, journalists and HDSLR filmmakers, but not many of them feature professional XLR inputs. Having the ability to connect XLR microphones and line-level sources to a recorder is appealing because it’s the best sounding, low-noise analog connection available.

Using a USB Microphone with an iPad

The iPad is known as a great media consumption device for kicking back on the sofa to surf the ’Net, watch videos and read electronic magazines, but with a little effort, an iPad can be transformed into a powerful media creation device as well.

The New Roland R-26: A Six-Track Field Recorder

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate handheld portable digital recorder, the new Roland R-26 should be on your radar. It’s capable of recording up to six channels of high-resolution audio and supplies you with an army of high quality, built-in microphones and audio inputs to get the job done.

JVC Announces GY-HM150 ProHD Camcorder

Anyone can take a basic camcorder, capture an important event or family gathering and put together a reasonable, if somewhat amateurish presentation that friends and family can enjoy. But when you watch a segment on the evening news, you expect the footage to look professional.


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