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Voice-Over Equipment

Voice-overs are an essential ingredient in the creation of dynamic media. They can be an unseen character in a story, or just a friendly voice persuading you to buy pet food. Voice-overs are found in every form of media, from news reporting to experimental filmmaking. Even photo slideshows can benefit from a well-executed voice-over.

Hands-On Review of the Que Audio Q Mini Shotgun

If you’ve ever checked out an impressive piece of gear and thought to yourself: “Wow, this thing is really neat, but imagine if they could shrink it down so it’s only a third of the size.” This is exactly what Que Audio has done with the shotgun microphone.

Make iPhone 4 Videos Sound Great with the Fostex AR-4i

The new Fostex AR-4i offers a complete solution for improving the sound quality of the high-definition videos that are shot on Apple’s wildly popular iPhone 4. You slide an iPhone 4 into the cradle of the AR-4i, and it gives you multiple microphone inputs, line-level inputs, level meters and improved A/D converters which enable the phone to capture pristine sound quality.

The Fostex AR-4i Makes iPhones Sound as Good as They Look

The iPhone 4 is a revolutionary device that’s capable of recording impressive looking, high-definition video (especially considering that it’s a telephone). But there’s one thing that the iPhone doesn’t have an app for: providing a way to improve the sound quality of its built-in mono microphone.

Introducing the New Zoom H2n Handy Recorder

What fits in the palm of your hand and is capable of creating a high-resolution 5.1 surround sound recording of the world around you? Nope, it’s not the Zoom H2—it’s the newly redesigned Zoom H2n Handy Recorder. This new model has some big shoes to fill for such a compact recorder, because its older brother was one of the most popular portable digital recorders of all time.

The New Zoom H2n Rewrites the Book on Portable Recording

Zoom has announced the latest addition to its highly regarded line of portable digital recorders, the new H2n. It's a big deal because this model is an update to the Zoom H2, which has been one of the most popular portable recorders ever.

Portable Digital Recorders Designed for Bag Use

Portable digital recorders are really popular these days, yet there aren’t many models designed specifically for over-the-shoulder bag work, which is often favored for recording audio in video productions. Most of today’s portable digital recorders are small and designed for handheld use, but their compact and ergonomic designs aren’t what most location sound people need in their bags.

The New Sound Devices MixPre-D: for Camera, Sound and Post

There’s a wide range of workflows in today’s production world, and the new Sound Devices MixPre-D is a versatile piece of equipment that will flow with the many different kinds of work.

Shotgun Microphones

A shotgun is a long, cylindrical microphone that excels at picking up sounds in front of it, while rejecting sounds to the sides and rear. Shotguns are designed to have a narrower focus than an average microphone. 

The New Sennheiser MKH 8060 and 8070 Shotguns: A Complete and Uncompromising Mic System

New shotgun microphones come out every once in a while, and more often than not their arrival is met with little fanfare. However, when a giant like Sennheiser releases new models, the professional production world stands up and pays attention.


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