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The Unseen Eye Looks at Your Pictures

Why do I look at photos? What kind of photos do I like? Why do I like these photos? In this hour-long video, these questions and others are discussed by W.M. Hunt, collector, curator and consultant, whose recently published book is titled "The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious."

Event Space Video Interview with Peter Hurley

Considered one of the top headshot photographers specializing in advertizing and commercial work, Peter Hurley’s extensive portfolio includes portraiture, models and fashion as well as actors' headshots. 

Event Space Video: A Week in the Life of a Professional Editorial Photographer

David H Wells is a well known freelance documentary photographer, whose work includes photo essays that have been published in many of the major publications, often focusing on cultural and political issues. He has also found great success in the stock photography market.

Event Space Video: WordPress for Photographers

Blogging is a very popular pastime. It can be a purely personal method of digital communication, or it can be a powerful tool for promoting one’s business. And just as sophisticated as the whole concept of social media has become, so have the tools for creating the content. One of these is WordPress, a feature rich blog creation tool that is of particular interest to the photographer who wishes to share or promote their work.

Intermediate Lighting for Portraiture

Since the early days of science, photographers have searched for ways to artificially enhance the creative process. From the early days of limelight, through the use of flashpowder, we arrive today at electronic flash, the tool in trade of the fashion, beauty and portrait photographer.

Inside the Collector’s Mind

For some, photography is about capturing family moments, or documenting vacations with the ultimate goal of sharing the images with friends. For others, the desire is to have their work recognized and perhaps even purchased.

Visual Literacy: A Conversation with Mel DiGiacomo

Mel DiGiacomo is a long-time photographer who picked up a camera by accident in 1968 and began to teach himself the art of photography. His career has been as wide as the field itself, featuring street photography, sports, weddings, and years spent in the Caribbean.


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