Basic Tips for Shooting in Low Light

A few thoughts on shooting in low light situations: To begin with you will need to use a high ISO. Most cameras' lowest ISO is the native (default). This is 100 ISO on Canon and usually 200 on Nikon. You may need to set yours as high as 1600 or 3200 ISO to capture the shot. Do some test shooting before your important shoot.  

Light Bank Speed Ring 101

A light-modification tool works in conjunction with different types of AC flashes. Many professional photographers put the bare tube flash head, or monolight without the reflector, in a lightbank. The quality of light is unparalleled. It mimics window light, so the appearance is extremely natural. Your goal as a still-life photographer is the creation of lighting which never crosses the viewer’s mind as being from an artificial source.

Canon Flash Photography with Rudy Winston

Rudy Winston recently gave a presentation at the B&H Event Space on the popular Canon Speedlite Flash system. BHInsights tracked him down and was able to pick his brain a bit more about using the Canon Speedlite system for consumers. 

Photographing Indoor Events: The Need For Speed

Indoor photography is always challenging. But standing head and shoulders above the rest in difficulty is the challenge of photographing large indoor events well. Rare is the well-lit auditorium, cafeteria or high school gym. Even most college sports venues aren't lit well enough to make life easy. In this article, I'll give you some tips on how to record events indoors effectively, whether they are your kid's sports, a concert, an exhibit or tradeshow that you need to chronicle...

AC Flash Power Pack 101

 Thank you for all the reads on our “Bare Tube Flash Head 101” article. This one is the obvious follow-up story. Without the power pack component, the flash head has no fuel. The pack’s the control panel for the system.


Low Light and Flash in Rajasthan India

There is no doubt about it; India is a photographer’s carnival. The colors are kaleidoscopic; the scenes are cinematic; and the light is luminous. I’ve been traveling to Rajasthan for the past few years to lead the National Geographic Expeditions India Photo Tour—a tour that has focused on light and lighting.

Just Give Me the F-Stop

Many photographers try to break down the concept of flash photography into what they think are the understandable elements: the numerical values of the settings used. They want numbers, they want the f-stop. However, the scenarios we encounter as photographers vary so much that it becomes meaningless for anyone to “give you the f-stop.”

Litepanels LEDs Combine Continuous Light and Flash

LED lights produce very little heat and they’re powerful, lightweight and thrifty when it comes to power consumption. While a continuous light source and a flash unit are typically two separate devices, the Litepanels MicroPro Hybrid, specifically designed for DV and HDSLR cameras, is a portable LED light panel with built-in flash capability.



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