Projects for the Photographer Stuck at Home for Carmageddon

The weekend is coming, but something may be stopping you from venturing out (like those of you in California currently experiencing Carmageddon). Not to worry; it's not the end of the world, and you can still have fun at home. Plus, you can exercise your creative muscles and try something new to expand your horizons. Here are a couple of cool projects that you can do at home. Try these out this weekend, and post them in the B&H Photo Flickr Group, which we will browse through and round up some of the most interesting selections in a future posting.

Fun Photography Projects for the Bored Photographer

Shooting the same projects and ideas regularly can become stale. One way to find creative inspiration is by browsing through Flickr and the work of other photographers. If you're still craving a sip of those creative juices, here's a quick list of some alternative project ideas that you may not have worked on.

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