Groove Production

Announcing the Native Instruments MASCHINE STUDIO

Native Instruments just announced a new flagship model in the MASCHINE family of groove sequencing controllers, the MASCHINE STUDIO. Available in black or white, the Studio builds upon the success of the MASCHINE MK2 and MASCHINE MIKRO MK2 by providing advanced sequencing controls, improved sample editing, dual high-resolution color displays, and more.

Feeltune Rhizome Groove Production Hardware

The Rhizome is an innovative groove production workstation that lets you create and perform music with 102 hands-on hardware controls, four large integrated color displays and a custom software workflow.

The New MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO from Native Instruments

Native Instruments has just announced new versions of the MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO hardware and software based groove sequencing instruments. They enable you to create digital music with an intuitive, hands-on workflow. The most notable upgrade on the MK2 models are the multi-colored backlit pads.

Musical Instruments at B&H: Electronic Drums and Drum Machines

If you’re interested in electronic percussion, there are two basic categories to choose from: Electronic Drums and Drum Machines. Electronic drums are essentially electronic versions of acoustic drum sets, whereas drum machines are tabletop devices that enable you to perform and program beats.

Hands-On Review: the BKE Beat Thang

When a drum machine is conceived by someone who actually produces music in today’s market, the result has a pedigree that’s hard to beat. Geared towards creators of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Urban Pop, the Beat Thang combines sampling, drum programming and sequencing into a portable, easy-to-use machine.

Must-Have Audio Apps for the new iPad

The iPad has proven itself to be an outstanding tool for normal daily activities, like surfing the web in your pajamas. In the arena of music production, iPads have changed the script completely. Audio and MIDI apps are a perfect fit for Apple’s generously-sized multi-touch device.

The Unapologetically Proud Beat Thang

If you take a look at the available groove production sampling workstations, you’ll find a range of instruments that either borrow heavily from classic designs that are more than twenty years old, or you find products that seem like they were made solely for cyborgs.

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