HMI Lighting

A Lighting Revolution: Litepanels Part 2

During the “revolution,” led by Pat Grosswendt of Litepanels, he explains the entire line of Litepanels from bank lighting, on camera lighting, ringlite, to underwater applications along with how to best utilize this technology for both still and video needs.

Studio Lighting

Electronic Flash - Electronic flash is daylight balanced (5500K, or Kelvin) and can be used for almost any studio application. When shooting with electronic flash, the actual exposure is made by the discharge of a powerful micro-burst of light, which is generated by the power pack (or generator) and output through the flash lamp head.

HDSLR Video Lighting

This all depends on what type of lighting system you currently own. If you are shooting with tungsten or other form of continuous lighting, you’re in the game. If you’re shooting with electronic flash, the news isn’t as good unless you plan on shooting video one frame at a time. Strobes are simply the wrong tools for capturing video.

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