Home Theater Speakers

New Home Theater Receivers from Onkyo

Onkyo makes it easy for you to augment your HDTV set with cinema-like sound by adding a home theater-in-a-box or one of two new home theater receiver components. 

Soundbar Roundup

An aesthetic counterpart to a flat-screen TV, a soundbar has the advantage of occupying minimal space yet is capable of projecting theater-like sound into the viewing room. It can be wall hung or placed on a tabletop or shelf directly below (or above) the screen. 

Bose® Lifestyle® 135 Home Entertainment System

When an all-in-one soundbar is a tad too minimalist, even with a separate subwoofer, consider a more complete solution such as the Bose® Lifestyle® 135 Home Entertainment System. 

Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System

The space-saving Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System should appeal to apartment dwellers yearning to immerse themselves in TV surround sound without fretting over where to put five or more speakers. The centerpiece of the system is a 37-inch long soundbar that Bose refers to as a “speaker array.”

Boston Acoustics Unveils SoundWare S 5.1 Home Theater Sound System

Home-theater sound has evolved into highly sophisticated components that put movie theater-going listening right in the home. Boston Acoustics’ latest speaker system, the SoundWare S 5.1 Home Theater Sound System, is a high-performance, six-speaker system that adds more power and dynamics to the surround-sound experience.

Ten Space-Saving Tips for the Digital Home Dweller

Whether you’re moving into a smaller abode or simply want to make more efficient use of existing rooms, there are at least 10 things you can do to free up space. By digitizing the piles of physical media in your home and relocating or replacing some equipment, you stand to become the big-time beneficiary of an analog-to-digital makeover!

Wireless Home Theater

The prospect of stringing wires to rear speakers may be the number one impediment to turning your living room into a home theater. At least three manufacturers have stepped up with systems that transform the rears into wireless receivers. Two of the products presented here are wireless capable, while a third makes it optional. Two can also leverage your Wi-Fi network to stream digital entertainment without an Ethernet cable.


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