Long Zoom Lenses

Hands-On Review: Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Lens

The recently introduced Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM lens is the first lens to be part of Sigma’s Global Vision Sports line, and as such, strives to be a highly precise and optically sound lens that can function well in fast-paced situations. 

Fujifilm FinePix S Series Long Zoom Cameras

Fujifilm has recently released an array of new S series digital cameras, which combine long zoom lenses with the ease of use of a point-and-shoot system. With this amalgam of characteristics in mind, the physical construction of these cameras incorporates balanced ergonomics along with impressive image quality.

Announcing the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR

Nikon has just announced the new AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4 ED VR telephoto zoom lens for their Nikon F bayonet mount. This lens is compatible with both FX and DX formats, but provides an equivalent 105-300mm focal length when used with DX sensors.

Holiday 2012: Telephoto and Supertelephoto Lenses

Say the word “telephoto” and many photographers automatically think “Oh, telephotos bring things closer.” Now while this is true—particularly in the mind’s eye of newbies—the imaging abilities of telephoto lenses go well beyond “bringing things closer,” especially when you start shooting with progressively longer optics.

New from Pentax: K-5 II DSLR and Q10 Digital Cameras, Four Lenses and an Adapter

The new 16.3-megapixel Pentax K-5 II DSLR camera will replace the current Pentax K-5 in Pentax’s DSLR lineup. It features a 16.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor with integrated AD conversion circuitry, which works with Pentax’s PRIME II Imaging Engine to deliver high-resolution, rich-gradation digital images.

The New Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ Ultra-Zoom Digital Cameras

Olympus has just announced the new Stylus SP-820UZ, a 14MP compact digital camera with a 40x optical zoom that enables you to shoot pictures and Full HD videos, and it’s powered by four AA batteries.

Canon Releases Two New PowerShot Cameras

Canon has announced the release of two new point-and-shoot cameras in their popular PowerShot line: the SX500 IS and the SX160 IS. Both of these cameras include a 16 megapixel CCD sensor, DIGIC 4 image processor, and are capable of recording high-definition video at 720p resolution.

The New Pentax X-5 Digital Camera: From Macro to Megazoom

Pentax has introduced a new 16MP point-and-shoot digital camera designed for the photographer who wants a high resolution, versatile camera that can travel anywhere.

New Sony 500mm f/4.0 G Series Super-Telephoto Lens: Very Long and Very Fast

Along with fast reflexes and the ability to keep a half step ahead of the action, sports and nature photographers depend heavily on the flexibility and performance of their gear. If you’re a Sony shooter with a penchant for sports and nature photography, you’ll be interested in Sony’s new SAL 500mm f/4.0G, an A-mount super-telephoto that according to the specs and features is quite a hunk of glass.

9 New Sony Cyber-shot Digital Cameras

Sony has just introduced nine new Cyber-shot digital cameras, and while these cameras span a wide range of technologies, they all rely on a number of core concepts that help you to make the best photographs possible in a given situation.


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