Beginning Orchid Photography: How to Get the Best Results

This article happens to be about orchid photography, but it could just as well be about photographing roses or model airplanes, or any small, detailed object that you're interested in. I tried growing orchids for several years, and thus followed the popular forums and looked for photos on the internet, like anyone else who is delving into a hobby. As you might expect, I found some really beautiful photos, but many more that were awful. 

Tabletop Product Photography

Sooner or later the kids fly the coop, you find yourself an "empty-nester" and there you are with an attic filled with tchotchkes you know you'll never use again. Even if you haven't reached that stage in your life, there's another school of thought that says if you own more than 100 things, you've got too much. Ring any bells? If so, it's time to set up a  tchotchke-shooting table, photograph the stuff and sell it online because you know somebody out there is desperately looking for all those gewgaws you've been tripping over.

Add-On and Converter Lenses

Add-on and converter lenses are camera accessories that often get lost in the shuffle. It’s easy to identify the need for an extra memory card, a camera case, an extra battery, a dedicated flash or in the case of an SLR, an additional lens or three as add-on options for your camera.

Macro Lenses

Regardless of the focal length of your favorite lens, I'd venture to say you've been in situations where you've tried to focus in tight on your subject and inevitably hit the wall—the minimum focus point of your lens. Sure you can crop, but in a perfect world it would be swell if each of our lenses would focus as close to our subjects as our mind's eye focuses. Alas, the world isn't perfect... but we do have macro lenses.

Five Quick Tips For Getting Started in Macro Photography

Have you ever looked at macro images in National Geographic and wanted to shoot images just like that? There is a lot to learn before you can capture shots like that. Take a look at these tips on how to get your feet wet.

Image by WilliamCho

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