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Holiday 2012: Upgrading Your Computer

Whether you’ve just bought a retail computer or built one yourself, there’s one thing that happens to both of them the moment you turn them on: they quickly become obsolete. Technology is always changing and you’ll find yourself constantly trying to keep up with the latest upgrades. A quad-core processor may seem like a fast processor, but now AMD makes an eight-core processor.

Holiday 2012: IPS Monitors

IPS monitors are high resolution computer monitors that provide clear images and accurate color from almost every angle you happen to view. They are normally a tool for pro photographers, printers, graphic designers and post-production professionals who demand exacting contrast, details and color replication.

Holiday 2012: Game On!

I know you’re probably out there right now looking to purchase me your usual assortment of socks and sweaters as holiday gifts, but I was hoping this year to leave this letter on the kitchen counter and have you read this before you went shopping.

Holiday 2012: Tools for a Successful Lightroom Workflow

Since the workflow concerning the primary use of digital cameras differs greatly from traditional film methodologies, new technologies exist to greater benefit this rapidly changing and evolving means of image production. With film-based photography, keeping an archive of your work meant physical, archival storage and required space and hands-on working means.

The ASUS PB278Q Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor

The first thing you notice about the ASUS PB278Q 27” Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor is its large 27-inch screen. Considering that this is a monitor and you’ll be sitting much closer to it than you would to an HDTV, the 27 inches really becomes magnified.

Using KVMs

Most people own only one computer, or at least they operate only one computer at a time. After all, you can always multitask on a computer; that is, perform more than one operation simultaneously. For example, you might have a file downloading in the background while you check email in the foreground.

Apple Updates Two Computer Lines and Releases the Thunderbolt display

Apple announced expansive updates today to its line of MacBook Air and Mac mini computers, as well as releasing a substantially more powerful version of its 27-inch monitor, called the Thunderbolt display.

Apple Updates the MacBook Air, Mac mini and a New Thunderbolt Display

Today Apple released a new bag of goodies. They’ve got a fire-breathing new 27-inch display that boasts a rocking FireWire 800 port and new Thunderbolt capabilities. There are new razor-thin MacBook Air laptops with faster i5 and i7 processors, backlit keyboards and the sizzling Thunderbolt port.

Viewsonic Makes Stuff Seem to Leap from Computer Monitor

Viewsonic has unveiled a 24-inch Full HD monitor with built-in 3D emitter. The V3D245wm-LED contains an HDMI 1.4 input, so beyond showing any content from your computer or the Internet, the display can support a 3D Blu-ray Disc player, too. Just add active LCD shutter glasses.

New from HP: The x2301 Micro Thin Flat Panel Display

It used to be that if you wanted a high-tech product that stood out from the competition, you had to shell out a fortune for it. Things have changed. Today you have to offer cutting-edge products at reasonable prices if you want to get noticed.


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