Panoramic Heads

Hands-On Video Review: GigaPan EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount

Have you ever wanted to create massive panoramic images with ridiculous amounts of detail? Gigapan's Epic series robotic camera mounts are designed expressly for that purpose. In this video, Kelby Media's Larry Becker gets his feet wet with panoramic photography by reviewing the Gigapan Epic Pro, which is designed for larger DSLR/lens combinations.

B&H Exclusive Free Download: GigaPan Stitch.Efx Software!

With the purchase of a GigaPan EPIC Robotic Camera Mount through B&H, you are eligible for a free download of GigaPan’s Stitch.Efx stitching software. With the mount and software combined, you can create well-detailed, perfectly aligned, stitched-together imagery—easily and seamlessly.

Acratech Updates the GV2 Ball Head / Gimbal Head with a Quick Release Lever Clamp

Since introducing its Ultimate Ball Head in 2001, Acratech has continued to design innovative new ball heads that are lightweight, sturdy and ideal for hiking and travel. 

Induro Tripods Endure

Tripods, monopods and their accompanying heads provide the support necessary to hold a camera or other optical device in a stable position. This basic principle is easily achievable, however, variances to this simple principle are what set different tripods, monopods and heads apart. 

The Tools and Techniques of Panoramic Photography

There’s something about the shape or aspect ratio of panoramic photographs that always makes you slow down for a closer look. Most of the pictures we view on a regular basis in print or online are invariably horizontal, in 3:2 or 4:3 rectangular aspect ratios, which can be visually digested with a quick pass or two of our eyes.

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