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Ilford Introduces New GALERIE Inkjet Papers

Ilford has recently updated their ever-expanding line of GALERIE Prestige inkjet printing papers that include new surface types. These paper types range from fine art printing papers to double-sided photo papers that are ideal for use in more hands-on situations. All of the papers are capable of producing exhibition-worthy results while maintaining archival qualities.

Holiday 2012: Producing Prints

With much of photography’s attention being devoted to the sole creation of the image, and more recently the virtual and instant sharing of those images, the art and practice of physically producing prints is becoming less of a requirement than in the past. This scarcity of physical prints does have immense benefits, though, as it is still the best and most revered method of actually owning a photograph.

Ilford's New Line of Galerie Papers

Ilford has just refined its line of Galerie inkjet photo printing papers and incorporated a number of improvements for achieving an overall better-looking print. Among other changes, the Prestige Smooth Gloss and Smooth Pearl papers have been upgraded.

Print from Apple and Android Smart Phones and Tablets using Canon’s New All in Ones

Canon has announced three new PIXMA All-In-One (AIO) office printers, the MX372, MX432 and MX512. These new AIO units can print, copy, scan and fax, and models with wireless connectivity support mobile printing from compatible Apple and Android smart phones and tablets using the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint mobile app.

Ilford Re-Brands GALERIE Inkjet Media as GALERIE Prestige (5*)

In a bid to reach the intended audiences of its popular GALERIE inkjet media lineup more efficiently, Ilford has introduced a new tier system and a new name to go along with it.


Predictions of the paperless office have been greatly exaggerated. Even with the explosion of email and texting, nothing is more portable, reliable and archival (free of a particular digital format becoming obsolete) as print on paper. 

Inkjet Paper

Compared to traditional photo paper, i.e. silver-based photographic paper, inkjet papers include an extremely broad variety of fiber-based (and non fiber-based) surfaces. What makes any given paper specifically an inkjet paper are the coatings found in the surface.

Printing Holiday Cards on Your Desktop

If you wish your holiday greeting cards were more personable (more you?), perhaps it's time to start creating them yourself. Many desktop printers come bundled with software containing greeting card format templates, and even if they don't, most imaging applications, including Photoshop CS/2/3, and Elements, enable desktop printing for pretty much any format you can think of.

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