Photo Technique

Guerilla Shooting on the High Line with Off-Camera Flash

Off-camera flash is usually associated with studio environments. However, in this twenty-five minute presentation, professional photographer Robert Harrington addresses a group that is about to go to a nearby location for some “guerilla-style" shooting. For Harrington, this style provides an opportunity to throw planning out the window and roll with whatever happens.

The Thrill of Victory: Sports Photography

There are two cardinal rules for capturing great sports photographs. First, know your equipment, and second, know the sport. There are several secondary rules that are just as important and all of these, plus more, are covered in Jeff Cable’s extensive ninety-plus-minute presentation.

Pixels After Dark: Shooting the Night

Shooting at night has obvious disadvantages and is arguably more difficult. But as with all things difficult, there are always positives. One of those is that controlling errant daylight is not an issue—it’s dark.

The Leica M Rangefinder

Leica cameras occupy a unique place in the photographic world. For many, the cameras are way out of reach, and for others, ownership is dreamt of and worked toward. Regardless of which camp one occupies, this almost seventy-minute presentation by Leica’s National Sales Manager, Jim Wagner, has the potential to entertain everyone, owners and non-owners alike.

Perfect Light in Any Location

When the lighting is perfect, shooting a wedding is easy. But that doesn’t happen often, perhaps an hour outdoors at the end of a sunny day. What about the rest of the occasion? Professional photographer Moshe Zusman comes to the rescue with a series of solutions that can work in any location.

A Lifetime of Sports Photography, Sponsored by Canon

The title belies the content. Sports Illustrated photographer Damian Strohmeyer has spent twenty-plus years photographing sports for the world's largest sports magazine, everywhere from the frozen tundra of Green Bay's Lambeau Field to The Big House at the University of Michigan, from Fenway Park to Yankee Stadium.

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Join B&H maven Joey Quintero as he provides an overview of the essential principles, techniques, and tools for lighting. This workshop will cover both strobe and continuous lighting equipment and methods utilizing affordable and quality Impact Lighting. By starting out with using just one main light, Joey will demonstrate how to do a lot with a little.

Introduction to Underwater Photography and Videography

In this Event Space presentation, underwater photographer Larry Cohen talks about the use of cameras when used underwater. He reviews simple Point and Shoot systems as well as very sophisticated systems for DSLR cameras. Larry even touches upon shooting video underwater.

Just Gimme the F-Stop Part 4

Photographer Neil van Niekerk shows how to get to correct exposure, find beautiful light, and enhance existing light with controlled use of flash.

Just Gimme the F-Stop Part 3

Photographer Neil van Niekerk shows how to get to correct exposure, find beautiful light, and enhance existing light with controlled use of flash.


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