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Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 for Simultaneous 2D and 3D Imaging

For photographers who wish they could shoot 2D and 3D stills simultaneously or perhaps stills and HD video simultaneously, Panasonic has introduced the Lumix DMC-3D1, a dual-lens compact digital camera that should warm the cockles of the hearts of multitasking imagers everywhere.

A Matter of Perspective

If you've ever flown over the Grand Canyon or Rocky mountains at 35,000 feet, you already know how humbling and enlightening this experience can be. Tall mountains appear small, almost flush to the plains leading up to them.  

New Leica D-LUX 5 Titanium Limited Edition

Leica has announced the Leica D-LUX 5 Titanium, a limited edition version of its popular (and rather suave-looking) pocket camera. Clad in titanium over an anodized aluminum chassis, this sporty little number comes with a dedicated calf leather case.

New GoPro HD HERO2 is Ready to Go

A sports-action cam is useless if it’s not as hearty as you are. In order to capture breathtaking footage in any environment, you need a camera that’s up to the task of going wherever you go, regardless of whether it’s a cold summit, a hot, dusty desert, raging river rapids or underwater. And, you need a camera that can shoot high-definition video and still images.

New Point-and-Shoot-Sized Tripod from Joby

Sometimes less is more, especially if you can’t be bothered carrying a tripod, but wouldn’t mind a little support for your camera. And we do mean little. Joby’s GorillaPod Micro 250 Tripod with Mini Ball Head is so compact that it can easily stay threaded to your camera.

New JVC GC-PX10 Shoots Video for Stills

It’s easy to miss a shot, even for professionals. It’s a common occurrence to have camera in hand, finger on the shutter release, waiting for the right moment to trigger. You might be waiting for a slugger to swing his bat or for a race car driver to pass before you.

Canon Announces Two New Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Professional photographers used to be much better than amateurs at getting perfect shots. But now amateurs, too, can get professional results simply by shooting with one of today’s advanced point-and-shoot cameras. Canon has upped the ante with two new point-and-shoot cameras.

New Lumix G Series Lens Firmware Improves Video Capabilities

Panasonic’s Lumix cameras do an outstanding job of capturing still images, but they’re also very popular tools for shooting high-definition video. A new firmware update for seven of its G Series Lumix lenses was announced today that enhances their ability to shoot smoother-looking video.

The New Samsung MV800 Point-and-Shoot Camera

The Samsung MV800 is a new point-and-shoot camera with a flip-out 3-inch LCD screen, which opens up a world of creative shooting and fun by allowing you to compose pictures from numerous angles. 

The New Samsung WB750 Digital Camera

It can be very difficult to select a point-and-shoot digital camera to buy from the hundreds of models that are available. That’s why is makes sense to simply buy one that does it all. Samsung's WB750 Digital Camera can meet all of your photographic needs, and then some—a good preventive measure against buyer’s remorse.


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