Portable Entertainment Accessories

New Speaker Docks from Pyle Home

Waking up to an iPad or iPhone has never been sweeter on your eyes and ears than with one of these new speaker dock systems from Pyle Home. 

New Aluratek iStream Audio Receiver Brings Dock-Free Bluetooth Connectivity

The great promise of smartphones and gadgets like the iPod touch and tablet computers is that they enable you to do a million different things, all while listening to your favorite music. However, when you connect your device to a speaker system, you can no longer hold it in your hand and continue doing a million different things. 

Novoflex Phone Support: Swiss Army Smart

There’s no shortage of smartphone doodads on the market, with most being me-too variations of similar products hanging alongside them on the retail shelves—same stuff, different logo. Not so the new Novoflex Phone-Kit.

Vibrant Colors and Stark Minimalism Unite in the iPhone-Ready URBANEARS Headphones

Skillfully executed minimal design doesn’t always blend with its surroundings. If you disagree, pop on a pair of Grape-colored Plattan or Tanto headphones from URBANEARS the next time you’re dressed up and waiting for a job interview to begin.

New Flip-Cage Stand from Gary Fong for iPhone 4/4S

Using an iPhone hands-free can be liberating, but you need a trusty accessory to make it possible. That’s why you may want to attach the newly-arrived Flip-Cage with Tripod Adapter for the iPhone 4 or 4S from Gary Fong. The model is a follow-up to Gary Fong’s Flip-Cage with Tripod Adapter for iPhone 3GS.

New Arrival: Line 6 Mobile Keys for iPad, Mac and Windows

When you’re picking out a controller keyboard these days, you must first determine how you’re going to use it: either with your main computer or with your mobile device, and then purchase a compatible product. However, the new Mobile Keys keyboard controllers from Line 6 are compatible, plug-and-play style, with Mac, Windows and iOS devices.

New Cell Phone Signal Booster from Wi-Ex

If you’ve made the switch from a land line to a cell phone, you may have noticed that signal strength varies as you move around your apartment or office. Standing by the window might guarantee a reliable connection while the walk-in closet, not so much.

New Holga Dial-a-Camera Effects for your iPhone

Filters—the type you hold between fingers for placing in front of a lens—have been in retreat since in-camera digital effects began offering more choices than a diner menu. Still, there is something refreshing about a snap-on dial for an iPhone 4 or 4S that lets you rotate a selection of filters and lenses.

New Logitech Ultimate Ears Headset with Mic and Remote

You can walk around wearing advertisements on your head for some musician who should be paying you, or you can pop in a pair of subtle earbuds that also happen to deliver top-quality stereo sound and come with an inline remote and microphone. 

New Angry Birds Speakers, Headphones and Cases from GEAR4

They’re invading our ears, sheathing our speakers, coating our iPhones and encasing our iPads. Cartoon characters made infamous by the game Angry Birds have been licensed by the accessory maker GEAR4 for a variety of new accessories.


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