Portable Entertainment Accessories

Two New Stands for the iPad 2

Choosing between the newly arrived Gorillamobile Ori and the Gorillamobile Yogi is a matter of lifestyle. Both Gorillamobiles are from Joby, the company that re-imagined mini tripods with trippy, twisty legs and colorful accents.

The iLuv MusicPac Speaks for Itself

Wearing heartfelt music on your sleeve—your tablet’s sleeve that is—may be the best way to spread the beat when retreating to earphones won’t do. The iLuv iSP210 MusicPac Portable Stereo Speaker Case for iPad in black, blue or pink embeds amplified stereo speakers in a tablet-size zippered case.

Charge All Your Devices in One Place

Mobile devices won’t work without power, yet we often forget to recharge them. That’s why having a dedicated place to reinvigorate all your devices is a sensible way to keep your phone, music player, notebook, tablet, camera and more, well fed while you sleep.

Sony Revamps Its Reader

With the launch of the Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1, Sony has effectively doubled the battery life over the discontinued Reader Touch PRS-650, shrunk the weight to 5.9 ounces from 7.5 ounces, added Wi-Fi connectivity and simplified gestures by enabling two finger-control. And the T1 is priced 35 percent below the 650.

Control Your Universe with the Sony Tablet S

Universal remote controls are not new and exciting pieces of technology, but what if you could control your TV, Blu-ray player, stereo and cable box with an app built into a tablet computer? If this sounds compelling, the only tablet that’s capable of this is the new Sony Tablet S.

Apogee Jam: A Guitarist's Dream for Apple iOS and Mac

If you play guitar and you own one of Apple’s world-dominating iPads or iPhones, then you should plug into a Jam by Apogee. Jam is a small device that enables you to plug a guitar or bass directly into one of those handsome Apple gadgets.

iPad and iPod Recording Accessories

You’re probably aware that Apple’s iPad, iPod touch and iPhone have zillions of uses. Were you also aware that there are oodles of accessories for these things that enable you to harness their power for your recording studio? 

Make iPhone 4 Videos Sound Great with the Fostex AR-4i

The new Fostex AR-4i offers a complete solution for improving the sound quality of the high-definition videos that are shot on Apple’s wildly popular iPhone 4. You slide an iPhone 4 into the cradle of the AR-4i, and it gives you multiple microphone inputs, line-level inputs, level meters and improved A/D converters which enable the phone to capture pristine sound quality.

The Fostex AR-4i Makes iPhones Sound as Good as They Look

The iPhone 4 is a revolutionary device that’s capable of recording impressive looking, high-definition video (especially considering that it’s a telephone). But there’s one thing that the iPhone doesn’t have an app for: providing a way to improve the sound quality of its built-in mono microphone.

Acoustics Research Docks Ship

Are you on the lookout for a dock or powered speaker for an iPad, iPod or iPhone? Audiovox has an armada of models flying its Acoustics Research brand, about to moor.


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