Great Deals on Refurbished Profoto CPS ComPact Monolights

If you're looking to purchase a compact – and reliable – lighting system that's easy pack up and ideal for travel and loProfoto CPS ComPact Monolightscation shooting, we currently have a nice selection of factory refurbished Profoto CPS ComPact Monolights. Rated at 300WS, Profoto CPS ComPacts can be used to build a compact lighting system that's ideal for portraits or still-life photography, or as an economical way to 'beef-up' your existing lighting system.

If you shoot on 'both sides of the pond' you'll appreciate the ability to tap into an AC power range of 90- 260VAC. Other features include a recycle time of under 0.8-seconds, a proportional modeling light, centralized umbrella socket for even illumination, and a built-in optical slave.

New, Profoto CPS ComPacts sell for $589.50 without a

Profoto AcuteB 600/600R Product Review

Taking well-lit photographs on location can be challenging, especially if the assignment involves outdoor portraiture. While the sun pumps out ample volumes of light 24/7 (daylight balanced no less) it's not always positioned where you want it or when you want it. And then you have the rain, snow, and cloud factor. In any case, when shooting outdoors on location, the sun is your primary light source. Beyond that, it's all about you and your choice of portable lighting.

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