D-Link Delivers a Two-Sided Remote for Boxee

The 10-foot interface has always been a challenge for couch potatoes performing computer-like activities on their TVs. Using a conventional remote to navigate a cursor through the matrix of an onscreen keyboard, selecting one character at a time, required too much effort. But stowing a wireless keyboard on the coffee table seemed like an intrusion from the workplace in a room meant for pleasure.

HDSLR Guide Chapter 10: Remote Operation

Most handheld HDSLR setups make it impractical to start and stop recording because the buttons are on the back of the camera and the operator’s hands will generally be positioned elsewhere gripping handles on a support or tripod. That's not to say it isn't possible; it's just not easy. Some SLR remotes (not all) can control the start/stop function of the camera in Live/Video Mode.

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