Tough Cameras

At B&H, we currently stock about 100 point-and-shoot cameras; all of them are capable of shooting terrific photographs, and in most cases, video. The choices are far narrower, however, for those seeking digicams that can take an occasional dunk in the drink, an accidental fall, a tropical schvitz, or a high-altitude freeze. If this describes your lifestyle, the following 10 digicams are specifically designed to take a rougher ride than most of the larger, pricier cameras we sell at B&H (and at a fraction of the price!).

LaCie XtremKey: 64GB, Full Metal Jacket

Ordinary people can use ordinary flash drives. But those involved in infantry, demolition, deep sea diving, espionage, smash-up derby, ultimate fighting and other rough-and-tumble activities will want a more rugged flash drive. It can’t hurt if the drive holds 64GB, either. Of course, anyone who likes cool gadgets will find the LaCie XtremKey appealing.


What's Waterproof, Weatherproof, Shockproof, and has Three Headlights?

I'm a big fan of cameras that fit in my pocket. I'm also aware of how dainty some of the tinier digicams can be, which is why I've been even a bigger fan of the more rugged, tough digicams that have come to market over the past couple of years from Olympus, Panasonic, Canon, and Fuji. Add to this list the Pentax Optio W90.

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