SLR Cameras

Focal Length and Camera-to-Subject Distance Affect the Visual Dynamics of Your Photographs

In the movie Jaws, there’s a scene in which actor Roy Scheider, playing Martin Brody, the Chief of Police of the fictitious Cape Cod town of Amity, first spots the central character of the movie: a Great White (mechanical) shark, now on display at the Aadlen Brothers U-Pick Parts in California.

Essential Gear for the Working Pro

As a working photographer, the center of the universe is your camera bag and its contents. Your cameras and lenses are the tools of your trade. As you may have noted, both are mentioned in plural because just as you wouldn’t jump out of an airplane without a backup parachute, you shouldn’t attempt to photograph an emotionally spiked, non-repeatable event armed with only one camera.

Choosing Your Camera: Know What You Need

In the days when film was king, medium format was the camera of choice for wedding photographers because the larger negative produced a better image, and cropping a large negative didn’t really degrade anything.

Underwater Photography

At B&H we stock a number of cameras designed specifically for use underwater, and most of them are relatively easy to use. We also stock a selection of rugged, waterproof point-and-shoot cameras that can be used―depending on the make and model―down to 30-plus feet below the surface of the water.

HDSLR Video Lighting

This all depends on what type of lighting system you currently own. If you are shooting with tungsten or other form of continuous lighting, you’re in the game. If you’re shooting with electronic flash, the news isn’t as good unless you plan on shooting video one frame at a time. Strobes are simply the wrong tools for capturing video.

HDSLR Guide Chapter 1: Introduction

In the summer of 2008, Nikon released the D90, a DSLR with an extra feature: HD video recording. It rocked the digital photography and video worlds. Suddenly photographers could shoot dynamite video and videographers could get the look and feel of a cinema camera without the cinema camera price tag. HD video quickly became the feature to look for in a DSLR. A new category of camera was born: the HDSLR.

HDSLR Guide Chapter 2: The Camera

This chapter discusses the many benefits that HDSLRs have to offer, as well as the limitations that have to be considered when making the choice of adopting these cameras. Each benefit or limitation needs to be weighed against the specific needs of each user. However, there will always be situations where HDSLRs may not be the most effective choice.

The "Sunny 16" Rule

We should begin this treatise by clearly stating that the Sunny 16 rule is nothing new, and if anything it’s a formula that’s been kicking around since the early days of picture taking. It’s also worth noting that the Sunny 16 rule has held true through every technological breakthrough from tinplates straight through modern-day digital imaging.

Reconciling Mixed White Balance Scenarios

Setting the white balance of your camera correctly basically boils down to a couple-or-three clicks through your camera’s set-up menu and a few moments of your time. Depending on your needs or mindset, you can adjust your camera’s WB settings by dialing in a specific Kelvin rating (°K) or by adjusting the Scene Mode.

Doctor's Eyes

Medical photography often involves taking pictures of small, hard-to-access subject matter, most often in equally small and hard-to-access places. Add to the equation the subject matter of these pictures is usually inside a living, breathing person (or animal) and suddenly you realize how precise and demanding this specialized slice of the photo market can be.


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