How I Got the Shot: Michael Thompson from LightenUpAndShoot Does an Outdoor Portrait

Portraits can be super fun! Michael Thompson of sometimes employs a very specific style of shooting. He combines street photography with portraits; he finds cool locations and interesting people, and sets up a mini-studio right there on the spot. He's done workshops on this at the B&H Event Space, but you should see if he's coming closer to your neck of the woods.

How do you think Mike shot the photo above? Read on to find out, and also be sure to check out the video showing Michael shooting the photos.

The Amateur Photographer's Intro to Portrait Lighting and Lenses

Many people want to get started in home portraiture, but don't know where to begin. Besides studying composition, lenses, and posing, one must acquire a working knowledge of the basics of lighting. The first thing to realize is that not every photo can be shot using only natural light. For those of you that are scared of using external lighting, here is a quick introductory guide to help remove some of those fears.

Photo by isayx3

The Impact LuxBanx Softbox

The Impact LuxBanx is an ideal solution for portrait and product photographers who want a soft light source. It is extremely simple to set up, available in four different sizes and is an affordable addition to your lighting kit.

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