A Future Without Photos

In my parent's house are boxes of family photos stored in closets, cupboards, and desks. The pictures are loose, in albums, and some still in the sleeves they came back from the photomat in. From time to time when I still lived at home I'd pull the boxes out and sort through all the memories of my childhood, and from the years before I was born: photos of my parent's when they were dating, their childhoods, their parents and their childhoods. A visual family history. Some might call this clutter - but I prefer to think of these boxes as tangible memories.

The World’s Most Popular Headphones Just Got Better

If you use Sony MDR-7506, V6, or Audio Technica M-30 headphones, then we have some very good news! The new Pearstone Deluxe Earpads are now available, and they do nothing short of making your current headphones vastly better than they already were. They’re called “deluxe” because they have soft velour pads and a smoother foam-backed surface that covers the headphone driver. The result is a simple upgrade that makes your headphones far more comfortable.

Four HD Radios Under $100

Still listening to AM or FM when you can be enjoying crisp digital radio free of the Internet or a subscription? For stations broadcasting in HD Radio, AM sounds like FM and FM sounds like a CD. HD Radio also enables a broadcaster to send out some three different channels simultaneously, increasing your choices beyond the limitations of conventional stations. If you're ready to step up to HD, radios for under $100 abound.

Sony HDR-AX2000 Hands On

You gotta' love the rapid pace at which technology is advancing. Prosumer video cameras today can be even better than some of the professional cameras of only a few years ago, and the line between prosumer and professional keeps blurring more and more each year.  Judging by the upcoming Sony HDR-AX2000 prosumer video camera, the accelerated pace of technological advancement shows no sign of slowing.

Sony HDR-AX2000 First Look

The HDR-AX2000, expected to sell for around $3500, is a solid state AVCHD camera that crams a whole lot of professional features into a prosumer camera. Able to record at up to 24 Mbps in the AVCHD format, the HDR-AX2000 can capture 1920x1080/60i HD video as well as progressive scan video at 1080/30p and 1080/24p directly to Memory Stick PRO Duo or SDHC cards (the 24p/30p footage is converted to 60i when recorded to the memory stick/SDHC, and 2-3 pull-down is used when converting the 24p to 60i).

Hot products from CES 2010

PowerShots for Everyone

For the better part of a decade, Canon PowerShot A-Series cameras have offered a respectable set of features at an affordable price. Excellent resolution, sharp Canon optics, and quality handling have made the cameras extremely popular with budget conscious shutterbugs. Though never quite as compact or sleek as the Digital ELPH line, the PowerShot A-Series has always been renowned for capturing high-quality images with ease.

No Tripod, No Flash, No Problem

Not all that long ago, shooting under low-lighting conditions without benefit of a flash or tripod meant pushing your film 1,2, or 3 stops beyond its native ISO rating. When shooting black & white this usually meant rating Tri-X at 800, 1200, or 1600 instead of its usual 400 speed rating, which in practice meant underexposing the film and developing it longer to 'make up' for the loss of exposure time. Pushing film usually did the trick at the cost of additional contrast and graininess.

Staking Their Claim

For anyone who's bought--or considered buying--a video camera in the last couple years, these are certainly interesting times. That's especially true in the consumer camcorder world, where tape has gone the way of the Tyrannosaurus, taking evolutionary wing into a cloud of 1's and 0's. Whether recording to hard drives or memory cards--and whether or not you're ready for it--solid state recording is the method of choice.

A Return to Photography with the Sony Alpha A850

"What type of camera do you use? A studio camera? A sports camera? Pro? Pro-sumer? Entry level?" The discussion of photography has changed dramatically in recent years. Dialogue has shifted from concept and intent to hardware and accessories. This talk is common on the internet, in art departments, even in university classes and photo clubs. But when studying an actual image, something changes. We forget the branding and the specs and the marketing hype. Our consideration of time, value, and life is forever altered. We are reminded in fact, that we are human – not studio human, sports human, professional or entry level. We experience things and, in the click of a shutter, can share those experiences with one another.

The Adventures of Audio Post for Film

A quick recap for anyone who didn't get to read Part One. In the beginning of 2008, my friend, writer/director Tibor Spiegel shared with me the completed production footage of his independent film, "Overnite Shift". The thirty-plus minute movie tells the story of an older, immigrant New York City taxi driver who, on a particular evening, picks up a series of passengers. As he interacts with them, his past hauntingly resurfaces, and in the process changes his future irrevocably.


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