Spring Cleaning

Give Your Keyboard a Spring Cleaning

Have you looked at your keyboard lately—not just a glance, but a detailed inspection? Probably you didn’t, because if you did, you’d realize how filthy it is. That is, unless you clean it regularly. But most people don’t. The nature of a keyboard is such that it’s a dirt trap. The recessed area where the keys sit is an invitation for dust, grime, crumbs, hairs, nail clippings and other detritus to accumulate.

Cleaning and Polishing Your Guitar

There has been a great deal written about cleaners and polishes for guitar finishes, and each guitar player you ask will have a different opinion about them. Most luthiers (the people who build guitars) will tell you that the best cleaner is simply a soft, damp cotton cloth.

Ten Space-Saving Tips for the Digital Home Dweller

Whether you’re moving into a smaller abode or simply want to make more efficient use of existing rooms, there are at least 10 things you can do to free up space. By digitizing the piles of physical media in your home and relocating or replacing some equipment, you stand to become the big-time beneficiary of an analog-to-digital makeover!

Caring for and Cleaning Your Electronics

Cleaning resolutions spring eternal, but when it comes to protecting the investment in your flat-panel TV and other components, you’d be wise to follow through with a little preventive maintenance.

How to Keep Dust off Your Sensor in the First Place

One of the cool things about point-and-shoot digicams and other cameras with fixed, non-interchangeable lenses is that you never have to worry about getting dust on the camera’s imaging sensor. Not so with DSLRs, and even less-so with mirrorless digital cameras. 

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