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Using a USB Microphone with an iPad

The iPad is known as a great media consumption device for kicking back on the sofa to surf the ’Net, watch videos and read electronic magazines, but with a little effort, an iPad can be transformed into a powerful media creation device as well.

The New ASUS Eee Pad Slider Tablet

If you’ve been waiting for a tablet that can do it all, your wait is over. The ASUS Eee Pad Slider, in capacities of 16GB or 32GB, now officially for sale at B&H, sports a productive QWERTY keyboard, a USB port for universal connectivity with other devices, an HDMI port for easy connection to big screen TVs and a Micro SD slot.

Sony Revamps Its Reader

With the launch of the Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1, Sony has effectively doubled the battery life over the discontinued Reader Touch PRS-650, shrunk the weight to 5.9 ounces from 7.5 ounces, added Wi-Fi connectivity and simplified gestures by enabling two finger-control. And the T1 is priced 35 percent below the 650.

Control Your Universe with the Sony Tablet S

Universal remote controls are not new and exciting pieces of technology, but what if you could control your TV, Blu-ray player, stereo and cable box with an app built into a tablet computer? If this sounds compelling, the only tablet that’s capable of this is the new Sony Tablet S.

Acer's Beyond Wi-Fi Iconia Tab A501

Attention tablet shoppers: When Wi-Fi isn’t available and 3G isn’t fast enough, the Acer Iconia Tab A501-10S16u with the AT&T 4G Pay-as-You-Go Data Plan could be just what you need to stay connected.

iPad and iPod Recording Accessories

You’re probably aware that Apple’s iPad, iPod touch and iPhone have zillions of uses. Were you also aware that there are oodles of accessories for these things that enable you to harness their power for your recording studio? 

Using the iPad 2 As a Game Controller

The demo is eye-popping. Hold an iPad 2 in front of an Apple TV, download Real Racing 2 HD and suddenly the tablet becomes a telemetric steering wheel. Instead of the game view being seen on the tablet, it’s displayed in 1080p on your big-screen HDTV even as the engines reverberate out of your home theater’s subwoofer. 

Hands-On Review of HP's TouchPad

HP’s glossy TouchPad tablet has a lot to recommend it. Notably, the innovative webOS operating system manages multiple tasks simultaneously. It treats all your open applications as cards that you drag across the screen.

Bump Your webOS Device with the New HP TouchPad Tablet

If you were expecting Windows on the new HP TouchPad, guess again. What distinguishes this sleek multi-touch tablet is that it’s neither an Android or iOS device. Instead, it’s HP’s first webOS tablet. 

Sharing and Displaying Photos during the Reception

Since weddings are quick paced, one-shot events, backing up your image files as you work is imperative. Unless you plan on carrying a pocketful of memory cards, you’ll need a device to store your files so you can unload your memory card and pop it back into the camera. (Always carry spare cards in your kit.)


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