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Using the iPad 2 As a Game Controller

The demo is eye-popping. Hold an iPad 2 in front of an Apple TV, download Real Racing 2 HD and suddenly the tablet becomes a telemetric steering wheel. Instead of the game view being seen on the tablet, it’s displayed in 1080p on your big-screen HDTV even as the engines reverberate out of your home theater’s subwoofer. 

Tablet Roundup

No flash in the pan, tablets have gone mainstream. Mobile touch screen computers are proving that you don’t necessarily need a physical keyboard to enjoy entertainment, gather information and communicate by text or live video.

Hands-On Review of HP's TouchPad

HP’s glossy TouchPad tablet has a lot to recommend it. Notably, the innovative webOS operating system manages multiple tasks simultaneously. It treats all your open applications as cards that you drag across the screen.

Bump Your webOS Device with the New HP TouchPad Tablet

If you were expecting Windows on the new HP TouchPad, guess again. What distinguishes this sleek multi-touch tablet is that it’s neither an Android or iOS device. Instead, it’s HP’s first webOS tablet. 

Sharing and Displaying Photos during the Reception

Since weddings are quick paced, one-shot events, backing up your image files as you work is imperative. Unless you plan on carrying a pocketful of memory cards, you’ll need a device to store your files so you can unload your memory card and pop it back into the camera. (Always carry spare cards in your kit.)

Toshiba’s No-Nonsense 'Thrive' Tablets

Once the leading maker of laptop computers, Toshiba hopes to thrive again with the aptly named Thrive Tablet. The three 10.1-inch touch screen models, expected to ship in mid-July, differ only in the amount of internal storage: the TOAT105T108 with 8-gigabytes  ($429.95), TOAT105T1016 with 16GB ($479.95), and TOAT105T1032 with 32GB ($579.95).

New from Acer: The Iconia A500 Tablet

Sometimes, being given more choices can make it harder to make a decision. That’s the situation with tablet computers today. New to the market, Acer’s Iconia Tab A500 is an Android Honeycomb tablet that will compete with the Motorola Xoom, the T-Mobile G-Slate and the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer.

Asus Launches the Eee Pad Transformer

Deciding between a tablet and notebook is a no-brainer with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. The 10.1-inch multitouch display is a self-contained tablet computer with added touches. Most significantly, you can transform it into a powerful notebook using the optional keyboard docking station. Whether you're in the mood for entertainment or feeling productive, the Eee Pad Transformer, available in 16- or 32GB capacities, is worth a look.

How to Take Screenshots from an iOS Device

Sometimes you wish you could save a temporary image you see on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Well, it’s not necessary to point a camera at the screen. Simply keep the Home button pressed as you also quickly press the Sleep/Wake button as if it were the shutter button on a camera. The screen will blink. Whatever you see on the screen (including an image you’ve enlarged), will be captured to the Photos/Saved Photos folder.

Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi 10.1" Tablet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are no doubt aware that computer tablets have been making headlines. Whether it’s new models and features or record sales numbers, it’s rare that a day goes by without tablets being in the news. So let’s take this opportunity to jump on the tablet bandwagon and talk about Motorola’s new XOOM Wi-Fi, a tablet that definitely presents some serious competition.


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