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On-Camera Video Monitors

An on-camera monitor can be a tremendously valuable tool for professional video production. Most cameras have a built-in display, but often times a camera’s built-in display is rather small and—especially when it comes to shooting with HDSLRs—they are sometimes fixed in one position on the back of the camera. An on-camera monitor will provide a larger and higher-quality picture.

Elvid RigVision and FieldVision On-Camera Monitors

New at B&H, Elvid presents a pair of entry-level, on-camera monitors. Elvid’s FieldVision and RigVision monitors both feature a 7-inch display; however, the slightly more advanced RigVision model offers more resolution, a flip-up sun shield, and a rather unique shutter-release feature.

The New Convergent Design Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q Monitor and Recorder

The Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q boldly surpass Convergent Design’s previous offerings with a progressive feature set that not only serves the needs of today’s cutting-edge video technology but also attempts to “future-proof” the new product line with a range of optional firmware upgrades.

Hands-On Review: ikan Field Monitors VK7i and VX7i

ikan has recently released updated versions of their VK7 and VX7 field monitors. The new VK7i and VX7i monitors feature 7” IPS LCD screens with higher native resolution, wider viewing angles and more accurate color rendition versus the older models. In addition to the original feature set, which includes Peaking, False Color, RGB adjust, Clip Guides and DSLR scaling, the new models also include a dual tally system.

Hands-On Review: Ikan D Series Monitor

ikan's new D-series monitors include the D5, the D5w, the D7 and the D7w. The D5 and the D7 feature either a 5.6- or 7-inch IPS LCD display with 1280 x 800 resolution. The “w” tacked onto the D5w and the D7w models denotes the addition of built-in waveform, vectorscope and RGB parade. These LCD panels benefit from In-Plane Switching technology, which enables improved viewing angles and color rendition.

Holiday 2012: Video Gifts and Gear

Holiday shopping for a professional photographer or videographer can be hard to do without breaking the bank. Most professional grade gear is justifiably very expensive, and you probably don’t want to buy someone an inferior version of something they already have.

Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

ikan Introduces its Most Sophisticated Director’s Monitor

The new 7-inch MR7 is ikan's most advanced small monitor yet. Several outstanding new features, modified versions of many familiar ones, and a heavy-duty plastic body with a rubberized coating bring the monitor to a solid weight of 2 pounds, about double that of previous 7-inch models.

Powerful New LH Series HD/3D/2D Monitors from Panasonic at NAB 2012

Panasonic announced two new HD monitors at NAB 2012: the 21.5” BT-LH2170 and the 18.5” BT-LH1850. Both models provide critically precise monitoring, flexible 2D and 3D capabilities, a full complement of professional inputs and outputs and rugged construction for the field and the production facility.

Pro Video Gift Accessories

Professional video certainly isn’t what it was at the dawn of the Betacam era, or even what it was 10 years ago, and overall that’s for the best—your current camera options are smaller and less expensive, and they produce higher-quality images. 


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