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This is really useful information here, thank you kindly for this piece.  It is particularly insightful to me, a dude who purchased the original model in late '09, and am about to purchase some much-needed kit beefing-up, all B&H selections of course....

The first thing I noticed when shopping was this new "Mark II" model designation--which led me to reading this article--perhaps the only thing on the web that actually told me really just what was happening in the evolution of this recorder.  Of course the Biggest Draw to the DR-100 has always been the XLR's, and application of using the recorder in some semblence of a traditional film-style of shooting using two-system sound.  It seemed to be nearly a capable replacement for a Nagra 4.1 in my book...! albeit leaving a few things out along the way, but offering--well a whole lot for the loot.

In reading this piece, of course I would like to get a new Mark II (when did it go to Mark II anyway!?!), but I will just have to live with the original model ('cause it's paid for) but someday would like to move to the newer model.  The biggest obvious upgrade at first seemed those xlr locks, it is indeed unnerving to not have them when shooting with xlr inputs, that's for sure.  But the spdif I/O is also great idea (no a-to-d conversion--sure makes sense!!), and of course the line level xlr input setting is like a no-brainer and was identified as a real shortcoming when I first got it way back when.

And the mic pre-amp retooling sure seems a good idea, as the original unit is always wanting more gain, that's for sure.  A good shotgun plugged-in makes you see (ok, hear) that immediately, just so much more to work with.

But otherwise this piece has been pretty much a digital dream, so I'll just have to suffer on for the time being.  Have since picked up a DR-2d as well (and about to get another given recent price plummets), and both recorders work well together, swapping cards like some 70's key party or something.

The accessories I am now targeting include:  1) Strut STR-DR100 Audio Case for Tascam DR-100, a beautiful and protective idea for such a great device, looking better than the Porta-Brace versioin in my mind; 2) Rycote Portable Recorder Audio Kit for Tascam DR-100, what a setup!  Stupidly overpriced but hey it's Rycote, all just so darn good.... 3) Tascam BP-6AA External Battery Pack for Handheld Recorders, another great OEM idea, this thing on phantom sucks the juice like crazy.

So thanks again for the discussion, and yes, better audio just never hurts...

Bob, in Columbia, MO