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Your comments about not liking that Leica lens with the NEX 5N just points out a problem a lot of people forget about, the zoom factor. There is also another factor against using adaptors with ANY CAMERA that requires lens based image stabilization is that I have yet to see the adaptor that allows the lens to be used in the image stabilized manner on a different camera body. I am sure someone out there has it, but it is the main reason, at least for me,  to forget about using non NEX E mount lenses, even Sony Alpha  lenses.

One moe point i should share, and that is just as much as i love the performance of the NEX 5N there are things you should NOT try or do, and one particular thing is to try to take pictures in a dimmly lit place without a flash. I tried it using ISO 6400 and while there is relatively little noise and the detail is very good, the color balance is god awful. With so many low lights of different types providing what little illumination, the camera does not handle that well. i guess that proves the old adage, just because you can do something, like shoot in really low light, doesn't mean you should do it for an entire evening at a party.

 I had to confess to my class about the dumb ass that tried it, ME!