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In reply to the pastor who commented first, I couldn't agree more. I shot my first wedding in March, and while I used a 5DM2 with a 50mm/1.2 for much of the pre-ceremony activity and First Look portraits, during the ceremony itself I mounted my 70-200mm/2.8 IS II and kept crouched off to the side, with an occassional shot straight on from far back in the center aisle. There is no excuse today for flash during a ceremony, we are not bound by the chains of film's limtations like we were for years. A 5D Mark II or a D3s set at ISO 1600 using a 70-200mm/2.8 with image stabilization will give you more than you need to get the shot without flash. Viveza 2 from Nik is great for lighting up shadowy areas, and if you're shooting a low-light or candle-lit ceremony where you don't want a flash anyway, get yourself a monopod and sit in the first row. You can shoot at 1/10 of a sec at 200mm with the new IS and VR lenses, plus ISO 1600 is no problem on a full-frame (not to mention that a little Noise Ninja fixes any noise wonderfully). I should add that I don't even own a flash, and haven't needed one, lol!