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I'm a bit dissappointed that Nikon is spending so much time and money developing consumer/prosumer level cameras.  Large megapixel numbers is not as important as delivering max accutance to the digital image. The images from my D70 are much sharper than those from my D300s.  The reason?  An AA filter aimed at the prosumer market was used in the D300s.

 I understand that most professionals will not buy sufficient products to fund the research necessary to "stay ahead of the game", yet think back.  In my youth and innocense, Nikon was always the mark of a successful Pro, rather like a Hallelblad.  Consumers and advanced amateurs just couldn't afford them.  This is probably a push headed by Sony, the owner of Nikon and provider of Nikon sensors.  For instance, do we REALLY NEED another sensor size?  Another special lens mount?  Why not promote the D610 to a pro level camera, instead of an advanced prosumer?  But then I'm just an old guy, and what do we know anyway?

Marv Schmidt