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Fusion-iO ioFX SSDs

Most consumer-grade solid-state hard drives are faster than traditional hard drives, but their performance is still limited by the SATA bus, which has a throughput of 6 Gb/s at best. But Fusion-iO’s ioFX cards plug directly into a PCIe slot on a motherboard, allowing for extremely fast throughput, ideal for use on data-intensive projects such as 4K video editing.

The ioFX is currently available in 480GB and 1650GB sizes. Using multi level cell (MLC) NAND circuitry, both models offer blazing fast peak read speeds of 1.4GB/s, and write speeds of 1.1GB/s for the 1650GB version and 700MB/s for the 480GB version.

The ioFX drives plug into a PCIe 2.0 x4 slot on a motherboard, which allows them to feed a smooth, uninterrupted data stream to software renderers without being subject to the SATA-bus limits that can hamper performance.


  • 480GB and 1650GB sizes available.
  • x4 wired PCIe 2.0 bus interface (x8 physical for 480GB version).
  • Single-slot, half-height/half-length form factor.
  • 1.4GB/s read bandwidth; 1.1GB/s write bandwidth (700MB/s write for 480GB version).
  • 77 microsecond read/19 microsecond write latency for 4K video.
  • Compatible (without additional third-party tools) with many non-virtualized operating systems including OSX 10.6.x and later, Windows Server 2008 and later, Windows 7/8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/8, SUSE 10/11, and Oracle Enterprise Linux 5/6.
  • Includes ioSphere web server-based disk management software.