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Unveiled: New Panasonic Large-Format 4K LED Displays


When it comes to 4K TV, bigger is always better. More specifically, big TVs are always better if they’re 4K. Even though very little native 4K content is currently available, 4K TVs can up-convert standard HD content to near-4K quality. You see, once you get beyond 60 inches or so in size, full-HD TVs don’t look all that sharp, especially when viewed from a short distance. But with four times the resolution of 2K TVs, 4K TVs currently display the sharpest image possible from a 2K signal.

Panasonic just announced two new monster-sized 4K TVs, the 84" TH-84LQ70 and the 98" TH-98LQ70. These huge TVs will enhance any room that can accommodate them, but they’re really intended more for applications such as broadcast production, digital signage, control rooms, and so on.

The TH-98LQ70 and TH-84LQ70 have a native 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and they’re equipped with Panasonic’s latest image-enhancement technology that up-converts non-4K sources. The displays are protected by a scratch-proof glass panel and they also feature a rugged aluminum frame that also helps protect these monsters from damage. The displays can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the application, and they have the same screw holes as Panasonic’s existing large-format plasma displays to minimize installation time. The displays also feature SLOT3.0 architecture, which allows for easy interface changes. The 98" TH-98LQ70 and 84" TH-84LQ70 displays will begin shipping in September, 2014.