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Vello FreeWave Fusion Wireless Flash Trigger Systems

Simply put, this new wireless system works magic to make the photographer's life easier in two fundamental ways: wireless triggering of a hot shoe or studio flash from up to 50' away, and remote firing of a camera from up to 150' using a 16-channel transmitter/receiver combination. Sets comprising a transmitter and one or two receivers are available bundled with cables for Canon or Nikon. Available camera-appropriate cables allow the FreeWave Basic to work with a wide variety of other cameras, as well. The receiver is also available separately, packed with 2.5mm to 3.5mm and PC male cables, as well as a 1/4" phono plug adapter.

Using the 433MHz frequency and multiple channels to ensure there is no overlap with other working photographers or devices, the FreeWave Basic works through obstructions, without the need of line-of-sight positioning, even in bright sunlight. Sync speeds up to 1/200 of a second are possible with compatible cameras.

The receiver, which has a cold shoe/stand thread at its base, runs on two included AAA batteries and has a hot shoe on top, making it possible to trigger a flash from the shoe.  Multiple flash units can be triggered with additional receivers set to the same channel as the transmitter.

The transmitter does double duty as a handheld camera-shutter release. Pressing the trigger button halfway wakes and focuses the camera, while depressing it completely triggers the shutter―ideal for wildlife or macro photography.