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Bolt VB-11 and VB-22 Bare-Bulb Flashes

Featuring a bare-bulb design, the powerful Bolt VB-11 and VB-22 Flashes are specialized shoe-mount units with outputs of 180Ws and 360Ws, respectively. This system provides a full 360° specular light with a quality similar to studio strobes in a compact, portable package. Optional light modifiers can also be used via a versatile mount for adding accessories like umbrellas, filters, and grids.

Covering about 28mm with the reflector, the manual VB-11 and VB-22 have guide numbers of 196' and 262' at ISO 100, with manual power options from 1/1 to 1/128. Also, they have built-in optical-slave functionality good to 33'. Other basic features include a bounce/swivel head that tilts from -15 to 90° and rotates 135° right and 180° left. Each of these units requires an additional external power pack to operate and has a 1.75" backlit LCD screen.

Functionality is impressive, with a stroboscopic mode, a recycle time as fast as 0.05 or 0.1 of a second, and multiple triggering options. Besides power output, the VB-22’s interchangeable shoe and stand mounts separate it from the VB-11. Additionally, they each come with a retaining ring, diffuser, reflector, power cable, case, and stand.