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The New Canon 7D Mark II: Candid Thoughts from the Specialists at B&H


Anticipation for a replacement for the Canon 7D has been building for a long time and, this morning, the refresh finally arrived with the announcement of the 7D Mark II. When big camera news hits, you can read all about the new features and specifications on the Internet but, typically, you don't get to hear the thoughts and impressions of seasoned industry experts. Below, you'll find a collection of candid thoughts on the new Canon 7D Mark II from camera specialists here at B&H.

..... .... Gabe Biderman, B&H Camera Specialist

"What a long-overdue refresh. I can’t believe it has been five years since the original 7D came out! Canon seems to have definitely brought this camera up to speed. The feature that impresses me the most is the inclusion of the Dual Digic 6 Image Processor. The processor is the computer behind the camera, and makes it operate faster (super fast AF and 10 fps) and cleaner (ISO range from 100-16000). The 7D Mark II should excel at sports, weddings, in low light, and almost any other conditions you throw at it. I also see this as being a popular second camera for the pros who want the speed, image quality, and little bit more reach from an APS-C sized sensor."

..... .... Kelly Mena, B&H Video Director

"I was lucky enough to get a chance to see the Canon 7D Mark II and check out some of its features. As a video director and shooter, there were a few changes, in particular, that caught my eye. First, I was happy to see that with the new 7D Mark II you can shoot at 1080 60p. This is great for those who would like to capture footage and then slow it down in post without losing any resolution. On the original Canon 7D, you could only shoot 720 60p. The new camera also has two card slots (one SD and one CF). This allows the shooter to save to both cards or jump recording from one to the next. This is definitely useful for filming events and run-and-gun type shooting.


The most interesting advancement is the ability to customize your autofocus speed. This is a really helpful feature for those more advanced shooters who are used to focusing manually, and like having more control over the feel of their pull focuses. You can utilize the autofocus and then estimate how quickly or slowly you'd like this shift to happen in your shot. Adding even more control, you can lock focus by using the flash button on the front of the camera. As many experienced shooters know, the speed and feel of your autofocus influences the feeling behind the movement. So this has to be one of my favorites, in reference to camera usage.


Other notable features include an intervalometer in which you can record time lapses internally, and anti-flicker capabilities, useful in settings like gyms, where the lights tend to have a flicker not caught by the human eye but typically are captured by the camera. Also helpful is the HDMI output for both video and audio that allows the shooter to record externally. Last, I could not provide a reaction without noting the increased ISO Range from 100 to an expanded 512000, which is always helpful for low-light shooting. As with any camera, shooters have to gauge their shooting requirements and budgets to determine what will work best for them. There are some fun new features to play with here, useful for students, videographers, and professionals who are in need of a secondary camera."

..... .... Michael Hollender, B&H Social Media Manager

"Social Media is abuzz with Canon's blockbuster announcement today. People who use Canon's crop-sensor cameras are really impressed with the included Dual Digic 6 Image Processor, which allows the 7D Mark II to handle 10 fps and provides increased low-light performance. Where the camera falls short (for some) is the fact that the LCD does not articulate, nor is it touchscreen enabled. I guess once you go touchscreen you never go back, but at the same time many full-frame users would trade that touchscreen for a body that can handle rain and mud any day of the week! Can this be the second body full-frame users have been waiting for?"

..... .... Zevi Slotkin, B&H Camera Specialist

"The many improvements present in the 7D Mark II show that Canon is seriously committed to a top-caliber APS-C SLR—and that’s a good thing. Many photographers will value its increased AF and shooting speeds, durability, and extra 1.6x reach. In many respects, it’s like a “mini 1DX.” On the video side, the new choice of frame rates, MOV codec, and dual-pixel 70D sensor design are most welcome, but I think many are disappointed not to see 4K capture at this stage in the game. And in an overall sense, considering that it’s been a full five years since the original 7D, I find the totality of improvements to be somewhat underwhelming. But perhaps we’ve reached a point in SLR design where we’ll mostly see only incremental performance improvements and not huge leaps."