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Ikan Elements Plus Camera Support and Accessories for Steady Shots


Introducing a variety of new support rigs and accessories with the Elements Plus line of camera support rigs and accessories, ikan offers enticing choices for camera operators looking for that support rig or accessory that will make the difference on their shoots. From support rigs for Blackmagic Design cameras to accessories that can be used with 15mm support rods, the Elements Plus line provides well-thought-out solutions to daily production problems.

Beginning with the smaller accessories, the Zoom Control Lever mounts on 15mm support rods and provides variable drag to geared zoom lenses. This device can be a boon when using zoom lenses with little to no resistance; as it allows you to add variable amounts of fluid drag to your lenses’ zoom rotation for smooth, slow manual zooms. For those needing a small sliding baseplate with integrated 15mm rod clamps, the Quick Release Base Plate mounts on most tripods, and provides a dovetail base that the baseplate can slide onto and lock in place. Carbon Fiber Rods are available in lengths of 8, 10, 12, and 18", providing rigid support with less weight than steel or aluminum rods.

The Elements Plus Complete 15mm Shoulder Rig with Follow Focus allows you to shoulder-mount a wide variety of cameras that you would otherwise support solely with your arms. It features an adjustable shoulder, sliding adjustment on the balance plate, adjustable handgrips, and a follow focus with adjustable hard stops. An Adjustable Angle Offset is available that lets you adjust the height and angle of the rig’s shoulder pad for personalized comfort. The new Blackmagic Cinema Camera Cage and Pocket Cinema Camera Cage provide rod supports, accessory-mounting points, and flexible configurations that adjust for your individual shooting style. Rounding out the offerings is the Power Dock, which is a single 15mm-rod-mounted Anton Bauer or V-mount battery plate.

So when you are looking for a complete rig for your Blackmagic Cinema, Pocket, or DSLR camera, or just need accessories to make your shoots go smoother, ikan’s Elements Plus line of rigs and accessories may have what you need.