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From the photokina Floor: The GoPro Fetch Dog-Harness Spotted in the Wild

It happens at every Photokina show: somebody announces something that makes everybody smile. This time it was GoPro, which showed Fetch, a unique mounting option for its latest Hero 3+ action cameras. The Fetch was displayed on a medium-sized stuffed tawny toy dog at the GoPro booth, resembling a Golden Retriever.

Saddle-mount and neck-hanging options are both possible with its new Pet Mount accessory. Since dogs often go on hikes with their owners, not to mention Alaskan sled dogs, rescue dogs, etc., the idea is not as crazy as it sounds and, by all accounts, the idea is becoming quite popular among pet owners and first responders. The GoPro Fetch is in stock at B&H and ready for a ride on your pooch.