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As both of the lenses you currently own are AF-S lenses that have their own built-in autofocusing motor inside the lens, both will work on the Nikon D3200.  The Nikon D3200 will be Nikon's new entry level DSLR camera.  Nikon does not offer their entry-level DSLR cameras in a Body-Only option, as since it is the most basic entry-level DSLR camera, Nikon targets the camera to users new to the DSLR system.  New users  would not already have lenses for the camera and would need the basic kit lens with the camera.  The intermediate or upgrade line, the D5100, would be offered body only.  The Nikon D40, D40x, D3000, and D3100 (all previous entry-level generations of the D3200) have never been offered body only new directly by Nikon.  Only the camera options above the entry-level position are offered in body only configurations.