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Nikon zigged when they should have zagged. They should have skipped the 16mp sensor, used a good 12mp, and put ice cream sandwich or Jellybean on it. I'm guessing they stuck with Gingerbread to save $5 on ram memory.

Don't be fooled by the megapixel marketing. The more megapixels you cram into a sensor, the grittier the image. Most of today's point & shoots with 16 megapixels have less than pristine images at ISO 100, and they get terribly worse as you go up the ISO ladder.

Nikon: Can you please focus more on image quality? Pun intended. Right now, the best super-zoom camera out there for image quality is the Panasonic FZ150, soon to be outdone by the FZ200. neither Nikon or Canon super-zooms can compare to the sharpness of those images. I review cameras all day long with bells and whistles, but if the images are splotchy at 100% magnification, what's the point of buying it?