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While I wasn't exactly "excited" about the "new" 55-250 STM (as it seems to be following Canon's trend to just give a slight update on their entry-level DSLR products rather than properly upgrading them, pretty much like the T5i over the T4i and the STM version of the 18-55 kit lens), I thought I COULD be interested in this lens and maybe even buy it with the 70D if it really works that great - video autofocus wise.

Sure, the fact that it has a inner focusing system is kind of a good step up, but that is kind of expected since they're installing a STM motor inside. But what REALLY bothered me is that: A) THEY COULD have made it a bit faster (didn't need to be 2.8 but 3.5 would be enough); and B) PLASTIC MOUNT??? REALLY? That's just plain stupid. The 40mm 2.8 STM "pancake" is a ridiculously SMALL PRIME that sells for U$150 - U$200 (MSRP) and it has a metal mount. I just bought a 75-300 USM on BH for U$170 (U$235 MSRP), a pretty dated and low-end lens (doesn't have IS or inner focusing) and that one has a metal mount too. Those two alone are good examples that cost shouldn't be a real problem or even an excuse (and honestly, on a large scale production, these costs are really almost irrelevant).

Since the 70D is the ONLY Canon DSLR so far that apparently has a TRUE, real-world usable video continuous autofocus (the T4i/T5i were bitter disappointments over such a big promise), IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE that this "new" 55-250 would be so cheap in build quality. The xxD series are mid-level cameras, unlike the Rebel series, and the 60D have been extensively used for "pro" quality video production... and you're giving this guys a "exciting" "new" lens with cheap plastic mount? If it's intended to be a crappy "kit" lens, I think it might be ok for that reason, but they could have done it better and made it a serious alternative to people who want to shoot video and are actually thinking about buying that lens alone.

Well, I can't say I'm surprised though. To "update" the T4i with basically a mode dial that can keep spinning was an awful joke, but it annoys me how they brag about their "new" stuff like it's something really innovative. I just hope that the 70D will live up to the hype.

Canon really changed things with their amazing DSLR video back in 2009, but it seems they thought that was enough and got lazy. They'll eventually be swollen by other companies offerings if they keep it like that. It's a shame and I'm really sad by the way they're doing things nowadays. They basically created the HDSLR video market (and changed the game for low-budget video production), but they'll be crushed by the competition if they don't game up seriously in the near future.