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Ah, but there is a simple solution to this, use a full frame 35mm FILM camera. While digital photography provides the instant gratification that is the thing these days, it also takes away from your photography skills(if you are new to photography) There is the mind set, I'll just shoot until I get it right, or I'll fix it in post(which I hate doing)
With film, you have to be aware of your medium, you need to focus on composition and your environment. Retakes cost money(film) and time(processing) and having to do the extra "work" with film will force you to become better. Also, consider this article, how much will it cost for a full frame DSLR with high quality wide, prime and telephoto lenses, $2000, $3000, $4000 or more? You could get an equivalent used quality SLR with a set of high quality lenses, filters and flash for $500 or less! Just food for thought, and BTW, that 28mm f2.8 Zuiko for my OM-2 I got on E-bay for $40.00 is REALLY nice.